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Amateur Blog – and how to get started. 

Amateur blogging has taken over the traditional mainstream media in today’s world. Today you can just pick up a computer, laptop, or phone, sign up for an email, sign up for a blogging or YouTube account and start reaching anyone else in the world with an internet connection.

That is a potential of four billion users. Back in the day you would have to raise millions to reach that kind of audience or even be shown on TV. 

Today a 7-year-old does it by opening toys to a massive audience of twenty-five million, more than any stadium can hold. 

amateur blog

So of course, amateur blogging was bound to become a massive hit and it is only getting bigger.

Professional bloggers have their place but there is stern marketing and tedious articles that the user just does not want to read. 

Google does love them however, so it is hard to find the amateur blog sometimes. 

If you want to start your own Amateur blog there are a few simple steps you can take to start up. 

1. First you would need to buy a domain name, which will be the name of your blog or web address, so this one is the domain is I can use that domain for a website, emails and many other webservices online. You can buy a domain from here: 

2. Secondly you want to get what is called hosting, so this is where you can put your website and it can run your email server and point your domain to your website. 


To get an idea of your website, hosting and domain names take this as an example for property houses and addresses.
Imagine a completed building site with three hundred plots, it has the houses you want the post man to find, but you cannot tell them “Hey my houses are here from plot 1 to 300” they won’t know where to go and the people who want to send letters won’t know where to send them.
You need to give them an address that everyone can read easily and define the difference from every other address. Just like we give hosting a domain name, we must give the houses an address.

Then once you are at that address, you can access and contact different people, or parts of the home, i.e. and so on.  

3. So hosting, you want to look for or ask for a managed VPS, with cPanel and Softaculous available. You can happily start with the cheapest VPS available as you will only be running one amateur blog. 

The higher packages are for more advanced users and faster websites, so we do not need to worry about those as amateur bloggers.  

4. Once that is all setup you can point your domain name to your hosts IP so like we said before, your host will have a plot number, and we want to give it an address, so we go to where we bought our domain name.  

amateur blogs

We then enter what is called an “A Record”, so find manage DNS, add an A record, enter your hosts IP address, and leave the name blank, or if you want your website on www. Enter www. In the field that say’s name. Then add or save what you have just done. 

For a detailed explanation on how to do all this subscribe to my YouTube channel:  

5. So, after we have our host named, i.e., we can use cPanel to install our amateur blog. 

Within cPanel go to Softaculous script installer, find WordPress, and install it, just fill out the details and install the website. 

6. Once installed you can login and start blogging. For a more detailed step by step, I will create a video series on my YouTube channel so please subscribe to my newsletter to stay in contact. 

But from here on you will want to make the website legal, secure, and compliant before adding any content


I am an online marketer creating my own websites and blogs. I am currently producing a product and learning how to build an online business. I have been involved in online opportunities for the best part of my adulthood, now I have the skills and experience to implement what I have learned.

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