The Power to Move Mountains – 21:21 – Syncronosities

21:21 Syncronosities The Power to Move Mountains

The sign pointed towards this verse.
See Lewis Anderson‘s interpretation in the photo below.

Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.

From the heart of truth, if you have faith without any doubt of your intentions, you will achieve what you set out to do. But you also have the power to move mountains, nothing will be an obstacle to you.
~Lewis Anderson


OK, so a better break down of this for you, as just reading it as it is looks like there was something wrong with me…..

Maybe that’s why people speak in riddles, the message coming through is so powerful it’s hard to interpret or translate back rather as it comes to you as more of a knowing. Maybe that’s also why I needed to refer to Bible passages as without words pointing to it, I would of never of got the message and kept being haunted by the oddities that went on during that time.

Anyway back to the message, let me go over it with a descriptions of each sentence and meanings behind the words:

“From the heart of Truth” what does that mean exactly?

When I say heart I refer to an overwhelming power that is part of every conscious being. It knows the truth, deep down, no matter what the mind is telling you. The mind can tell you, you don’t love someone, but the heart will always tell the truth, so the “heart of truth” is an expression of God within us, it’s the image of God that we was created in and we can speak from. It means that the speaker is talking from a place of pure honesty and truth inspired from somewhere deeper than thought. I refer to the heart a lot where people would normally say Jesus, God, Tao, universe or other connected oneness we are all part of.

“if you have faith without any doubt of your intentions”

I think we all know what this means but I will explain how I interpret it.

If you take a leap of faith, step into the darkness completely blind, trusting there is a path to follow without a doubt of getting lost or falling from a cliff…. If you also set out to do all that, again from the heart, with good intentions, no second doubting, you have a knowing without question your intentions are good..

“You Will Achieve What You Set Out To Do”

Plain English, but 100% of the time, if following your heart like stated above, you will achieve whatever it is you were doing and with a great outcome better than any expectations. If you set out to do things from the mind which wants, money, material wealth and has negative emotions fueling the actions you take, you get the opposite effect. 100% failure even disguised as success sometimes, bringing you all you thought you desired, but as it didn’t come from the heart, the heart will still burn to live truthfully and honestly, making you suffer with mental disorders and other unfulfilling emotions.

“But you also have the power to move mountains, nothing will be an obstacle to you.”

This isn’t just exaggeration of what we have said in the first sentence. When we can master doing everything in this way we will be able to achieve anything we desire in life… The ideas mentioned in The Secret about the Law of attraction and some of the material produced by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and Eckhart Tolle all point to being able to live in such a way that life works for us, throws rose petals to our feet and presents a blank canvas to us saying “How would you like me to paint your life today?” And you can answer anything you like, even, move that mountain please…

So hopefully this will make much more sense to you now, it came to me at a time I really needed to hear it. Now I have learned the lesson I hope someone else can benefit from it too.



Honesty is one of the most powerful traits a person can have. If you are honest to yourself and others you can be sure that no matter what happens, you are doing the right thing.

When I talk about Honesty I don’t simply mean telling the truth to people when they ask a question or you tell a story about what happened at the supermarket without exaggeration. That’s the basic level of honesty I’d like to think everyone has (unfortunately not the case).

It’s the honesty that you can look at yourself and say yes, I was wrong to do this or that or yes, I do feel like this or that. Instead of lying to yourself to make yourself feel better, even if only temporarily. An example would be, admitting you are actually just jealous of someone and getting along with them regardless, rather than telling yourself how much of a bad person they are or simply hating them.

When we experience emotions, we sometimes hide them away behind a story, lying to ourself about how we really feel. We actually tell ourselves that lie until we belive it.

My biggest issue with honesty is that I struggle to be honest to myself but finding myself being to honest to others. So I would lie to myself about how I feel and how things really effect me but then tell someone else how I feel about them and how they effect me emotionally.

I open up to people to easily and lay my heart down I’m front of them so they can do what they want with it. It becomes very socially awkward sometimes but hey! At least I’m honest and they know where I stand right?

No good going around life never expressing your gratitude and appreciation to others, even if it does go deeper than the standard friendship should be.

Also honesty is the basics for self improvement, you can’t fix something that’s broken if you don’t admit it’s broken in the first place! I am referring to things like laziness, unhealthy or having a bad habit you know isn’t good for you. They say to identify addiction the first symptom to look for is denial, basically lying to yourself that there is a problem in the first place.

The mind takes on a self of its own, and it plays a massive part in lying to you. It’s trying to socially protect itself, it doesn’t want to be caught out, it doesn’t want to be embarrassed which is why the first instinct to lie is so common and also socially accepted.

This may be why sometimes my honesty can be socially awkward I’m not sure. But why hide the truth? You know deep down the truth, the truth is always there in the background eating at you when you do lie so why do it in the first place?

With honesty comes loyalty, genuineness and respect for yourself and others. It opens doors to achieving your dreams and helps you communicate and show your emotions openly. It keeps you true to yourself and opens up new ways to explore what the simple things in life offers, it helps you find your truest form, your soul or self before the mind starts to label….