Posted on November 12, 2014 10:30 pm

Grammar frustrations

If you would prefer to listen than read then I have put this article in short video to watch and listen to, otherwise continue reading below.

I was browsing my Facebook news feed today and came across an article which pointed out people’s top frustrations. To my surprise the number one frustration on the list was people using bad grammar, specifically your and you’re!

Am I alone on this or does the general population have major issues caring or being frustrated about such insignificant things? As far as filling out surveys to express their frustrations with other peoples bad grammar.

Why do we have a language in the first place? Is not to simply communicate with one another? If you are reading something and there is a “grammar error” you spot, do you not still understand what the text is saying? Just because there is a “grammar error” it does not have to be a problem to you, you still understand what is being said so the language or form of communication including the error is still just as effective as it would be if the error was not there.

So why do people feel the need to get frustrated? I would understand if this type of grammar error caused confusion and the person reading could not possibly work out what is trying to be said but something as simple as your and you’re is just not worth getting frustrated over.

I think people need to take a step back when this happens, try and be aware of what’s happening inside yourself when the frustration appears. Ask yourself, “Why am I getting frustrated” what is the issue? Why do I need people’s grammar to be absolutely accurate before I can accept it?

I have to be honest this write up I am doing would have a large number of spelling mistakes and grammar errors, if it wasn’t for Microsoft Office’s spell checker. However even if I didn’t use the spell checker and someone read it, they would still be able to understand exactly what I am saying, so my grammar and spelling has served the exact same purpose as it would have if it was all correct.

Getting deeper into it, there is nothing at all to be frustrated about. So right at the top of the list of peoples biggest frustrations is nothing! Stay with me, nothing actually exists to be frustrated about, only a thought pattern created by conditioning of your own mind.

Life can be so simple if people just allow it be, to be frustrated about grammar errors when you fully understand the content you are reading is pointless, serves no purpose and causes you what appears to be intense frustration.

To wrap it up, my advice to people who get frustrated about this insignificant grammar issue would be, unless you’re an English teacher or parent teaching their child try not to let it get to you. The worlds not going to end due to bad grammar any time soon.

Peace out!

Leo Legacy