As I am someone who personally uses and signs up to international affiliate programs, I wanted to help by detailing my experience for the best international affiliate platforms and programs. Let’s first start by defining what we mean by International or global affiliate programs.

International Affiliate Programs Defined

international affiliate programs


International Affiliate Programs are affiliate marketing platforms that can be used and signed up to internationally by affiliate marketers. Meaning anyone in the world, globally can use the platform to promote products with affiliate marketing strategies

The Best International Affiliate Marketing Platforms and Networks 

There are thousands of affiliate marketing platforms to choose from so I am going to list the top 5 I believe will be easiest to sign up to and easiest to get paid. It’s worth noting that most international affiliate programs will pay international via PayPal so it’s worth signing up for an account first.

What companies can I become an affiliate for with international affiliate programs?

The best companies to become an affiliate for are as follows:

1: eBay Partner Network The eBay Affiliate Program 

Home | eBay Partner Network

The eBay affiliate program is one of the best ways to benefit from the eBay market. It has low commissions of 1 – 4% but the mass amount of people who will buy from eBay from your website will be more than enough for it to make a nice monthly income. 

ebay affiliate program

2: Amazon Associates Associates Central

The best place to start if you are a beginner affiliate marketer is the amazon affil program, Amazon associates. Even if you just have a website you want to monetize with more targeted products, with Amazon associates you can select specifics.

So, if you run an outdoor website you can promote hiking boots you prefer on your website, and why, then share the URL to Amazon with your id attached in the post you are talking about the boots in. Recommending products, you have used is the only way to do affiliate marketing. With daily products being added to Amazon’s massive catalog of products, you can promote something for any niche you may be in. 

amazon affil

3: Bluehost affiliate program

Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Hosting Referrals – Bluehost 

With the Bluehost affiliate program you do the following:
one, sign up on their webpage
Two, refer visitors with your tools provided
Three, get paid $65 for every paying signup.
With support from professional affiliate managers, the Bluehost affiliate program provides unrivaled support and guidance. With extremely detailed tracking which has been massively promoted in the testimonials, Bluehost hast to be one of the top five international affiliate programs. 

Bluehost affiliate program

4: ClickBank 

ClickBank Home

The ClickBank international affiliate program is available in over two hundred countries. With tens of thousands of products to promote across all categories and niches, you can imagine I personally use ClickBank as my main affiliate program to promote products from. They have been in this business for over 20 years and have paid $4.2b paid to affiliates in commissions. 

ClickBank Affiliate Program

5: CJ Affiliate 

CJ Affiliate Home

CJ affiliate international affiliate program is for the more experienced marketers with a steady traffic source and established website. There are some which will allow you to promote but I have found you need to have a lot of traffic for some of the more popular publishers to allow you to promote their products. It includes top brands like Aweber and 123Reg, so the approval process is quite difficult for a newbie affiliate marketer. 

CJ Affiliates Affiliate Program

As I mentioned there are so many other international affiliate programs, I thought I should detail a quick list of a few more I grabbed off an internet search and you can visit each one to make an informed decision for yourself. I highly recommend the original five mentioned above, however as I have personal experience with them all and I have also signed up to them internationally.

  • ShareASale Affiliate Program. 
  • Shopify Affiliate Program. 
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program. 
  • Udemy Affiliate Program. 
  • Newegg Affiliate Program. 
  • Orbitz Affiliate Program. 
  • Awin Affiliate Program. 
  • Modanisa Affiliate Program. 
  • Brooks Brothers Affiliate Program. 
  • Sur La Table Affiliate Program. 

What are the highest paying affiliate programs? 

The highest paying affiliate programs that I have signed up to can be displayed in the list below: 

  1. ClickBank – Some Vendors pay 100% on upsells so ClickBank is by far the highest paying affiliate program. 
  1. Bluehost – As the Bluehost affiliate program pays $65 per sign-up, this also puts it in the highest paying affiliate programs. 
  1. Amazon Associates – Amazon Affil program has the potential to be a high payer also with a targeted audience to specific high paying products. 
  1. CJ Affiliate – This affiliate program has high payers also, from thirty percent there is so much potential with CJ affiliate international affiliate program. 
  1. eBay Partner Network – The eBay affiliate program pays from 3%- 7% but with the right niche and traffic source, this is a high payer too. 

What is the best international affiliate program to join?

By far, ClickBank is the best international affiliate program to join by first starting up a blog of your own. Once you have established a blog and are making regular posts and gaining an audience, you promote the ClickBank products and start to earn your commissions no matter where you are in the world.

If you are new to all this and are just getting started, then I highly recommend following one of the two steps based on your personal need.

You can download the eBook which got me started online with affiliate marketing, it’s quite controversial but it helped change my perspective of how I approached the business.

From making money online to establishing a business online which requires initial investment both in challenging work and coughing up your cash to invest in yourself.

Alternatively, you can join an online seminar from one of the most top-selling ClickBank sellers in the world. John Thornhill where he’ll show you how he achieved his success and how you can too.

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