Definition of Relationship marketing:

relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing is the process of building a personal connection with your customer or client beyond just a mere business transaction. It should be the foundation of all businesses and no business should start solely for the profit.

We are all people behind everything that’s done in our world and understanding that from a business perspective and taking a personal approach to clients is the main idea behind relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing can be done via social medial, community or other non-business-related activities. Once you have developed a relationship and trust you can provide trust, value to your client, and build a long-lasting relationship.

One more example would be where your business is about dogs and as a dog owner you create a relationship with your followers by being yourself and discussing the products you make or create.  Customers build a relationship with you and what you do, and they become customers for any products you promote, create, or sell.

What is meant by relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing represents a component of customer relationship management (CRM) which is focused on the customer loyalty and lengthy client commitment instead of short objectives such as customer purchases and single sales. Relationship marketing is a strategic process specifically designed to encourage the customers loyalty, communication, and long-standing commitment to your course.

The objective of relationship marketing is to generate robust, even sensitive, client connections to a brand that may lead to ongoing business, complimentary peer to peer marketing and the data from customers that can produce lead generation. It is intended to build strong relationships with clients by providing them with direct information appropriate to their requirements and interests and through encouraging open information exchange.”

What is an example of relationship marketing?

relationship marketing

Concept of relationship marketing examples

Being able to show you are Grateful to your clients through a social media post or with a pleasant surprise gift, voucher, or exclusive offer. Unveiling a loyalty scheme that provides incentives to consumers for their persistent support. Take on social and community-based activities to connect with clients and construct a group of likeminded people.


The aim of relationship marketing is to build strong connections with your customers even if those connections are of an emotional nature that can bring in ongoing business word of mouth promotions and information from clients that can bring in more clients.

What is Relationship Marketing?

Types of Relationship Marketing

Types of Relationship Marketing
Types of Relationship Marketing

Best Practices for Relationship Marketing

  • Concentrate on the requirements of your clients. Create a connection related to those requirements.
  • Hear the response your clients provide. Emphasis and over deliver on gratitude offers.
  • Be available on social media and other online channels. Make sure you can see what your customers say in all media channel and resolve any customer complains on social media if possible.
  • Be genuine and helpful with your own content and the communication.
  • Include a personal connection with your client experience (i.e., customized offers)

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