Posted on January 10, 2014 1:00 pm

So what can I do about it?

Well being able to recognise and being aware of the thoughts when they do come I have the power to choose. To choose not to think about them and be aware that it’s all actually OK on the outside world. My current situation and my emotional state is absolutely fine, as long as I don’t let these thoughts which have no purpose  but to cause me misery and dictate my happiness take me over.

I then choose to realise that what I have got and the situation I am in is great!  my boring old toys are appreciated for being there as well as the joy they brought at the time, my clothes kept me warm and protected,  my bike was a privilege to have in the first place and performed just as well regardless of its wear and tear, my phone was and is a massive privilege and done everything I needed it to practically do, my car was and still is a massive privilege and got me from A to B, my brilliant new job gave me hundreds of opportunities and still does, same with all my jobs.

Gratitude is very powerful and can bring out natural genuine feelings of happiness and joy. How good do you think that is for your body?

So at the moment I am aware of the negative thought, I bring to my attention that the current situation is fine, realise all the good things about it, what it’s doing for me, and how privileged I am. Then I identify if the thoughts are spurred from my ego or from not going in the direction life is pushing me, missing the pointers.

Once I do this I have the power to make a decision on what action to take next, without all the negativity and desperation to be free, clouding my judgement and polluting my actions. I will, and have been able to see better ways to do things, better opportunities and ideas to take action on. The ideas or actions also come with a knowing that it’s the right step to take without a doubt. How much better will the quality of my life be if all my actions and thoughts came from being in that state of genuine gratitude and happiness?