Posted on January 10, 2014 4:00 pm

So where am I trying to go?

If I look back through all the things I have ever wanted and successfully achieved. I can see how they soon lost their value or changed into a situation I didn’t want to be in.

My new toys turned into boring toys, my new clothes turned into unfashionable cloths or old clothes, my new bike turned into an old crappy bike, my new phone turned into a crummy old brick, my new car turned into an old banger, my brilliant new job turned into a dead end prison, same with the next new job and I am finally happy at my current job, but how long will that last if I continue thinking in this way?

It’s never the things I’ve got, or the situation I’m in  because it’s continued throughout my whole life so far, regardless of any achievement’s, situation or material objects I’ve had.

So my thoughts about the current situation is what gives birth to my unhappiness as well as the negative feeling of wanting freedom from the current situation. It’s my very own thoughts and nothing else that makes me unhappy and feel that way.

These thoughts then brought me to more negative thoughts which brought me to ask questions like the one titled in this chapter.

To get to the point, there is nowhere to get to! It’s all just noise in my head which makes me feel bad mentally and emotionally at the time they arrive. When they do arrive they also stay around for a long time, they hang around in the back of my head changing my perception on everything else that’s going on in my life.

When I look at it like this it seems so pathetic, why do I even allow thoughts to ruin my day, week, month or even year! But knowing this I can recognise or be aware of the thoughts when they arrive.