Have you ever started an online business?

I am trying to gather information on how many people have started or tried to start an online business. I want to draft an additional article about it but also keep the results below in this post. Please answer the poll and let me know below.

Why I want to start a online business

I am building this website to share and start a online business. With this blog, I am planning to build and promote my online presence. As I have recently started taking on a coaching program, which will help me build my online business and train me to create my own digital products and online marketing.

Online Business – Starting up


As a side project, I am also running a computer repair business which I want to convert to an online business publishing platform. Which will allow people to publish online businesses pre-built to generate income, so the user just must focus on what they enjoy.

They can do this without any technical experience, allowing them to focus on what they know and do best. This can be found here at LJAweb.com https://ljaweb.com/ if you want to use it for free without the premium feature you can get exclusive access here: https://ljaweb.com/freewebsite

Please follow my online business adventure

Stay in contact by subscribing to my email list but first get your online business started by watching how it’s done, then learning from the best. https://ljaweb.com/jtblogwebinar

start a online business

Join me in my adventure and learn what I am learning, be prepared to invest in yourself, marketing involves paid advertising as well as methods of free advertising so free = work and paid = investment, the only thing you don’t need to start living the life of your dreams is ideas or skills for the business or products.

The coaching will give you all the specific skills you need and handhold you through the process. Check out the webinar and see what I mean: https://ljaweb.com/jtblogwebinar

Other Online Business Projects:

Free hosted WordPress marketing websites: https://ljaweb.com/freewebsite

A spiritual journey where I talk about my life struggle and overcoming mental health: https://leo-legacy.com

The computer shop, where you can buy recommended computer and electronic technology for home use: https://ljaweb.com/shop/


I am an online marketer creating my own websites and blogs. I am currently producing a product and learning how to build an online business. I have been involved in online opportunities for the best part of my adulthood, now I have the skills and experience to implement what I have learned.

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