Welcome to my website blog, I am excited to share all of my passions and interests with my readers, and I hope that they will find the content on this blog interesting and informative. I will cover three categories on this blog which are all my passions. Business, Personal Growth, and Technology. And here is why:

Business and Entrepreneurial

about me business

I have spent 15 years poking around in digital marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM opportunities, and internet marketing. What I have learned from all this time is consistency is key, no matter what you are doing, if you remain consistent, results always seem to show up.

Consistency is key in any form of self-improvement – online or otherwise. If you remain consistent in your efforts, you will see results. If you fall into the trap of trying to be the ‘best’ then you will never get the results you want. It’s all about consistency and sticking to your plan, day in and day out.

My way of staying consistent is to put myself in a daily routine that I feel good about. I set a goal for myself and then I take steps to reach it.

I am often asked what I use to fuel my passion for self-improvement. I can honestly say that there are two simple items that fuel my passion and promote my personal growth: Spirituality and my computer. They are both tools, and the computer is only as good as the power that it possesses.


about me technology

Computers and technology have always been a passion of mine, and I have been a qualified computer technician for 25 years.

What I love about technology is that it’s always evolving, always changing. This is one of the reasons why I chose a career in IT. There are always new things to learn, new skills to master.

I am extremely interested in robotics and A.I. Technologies, and they are the future of our world. I have been interested in this subject for over 20 years now, and I believe it will be one of the most dominant and beneficial technology advancements in the next ten years. I feel like a real-time robotics army is the best solution to our safety concerns. Robotics can increase our manpower as well as the quality of life on earth.

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Personal Growth 

about me personal growth

I am a very spiritual person, and I believe in the power of universal laws such as the law of attraction and manifestation.
Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I have also experienced suffering and have learned some lessons in life worth sharing, mainly spiritual practices and meditation to calm the mind.

I am passionate about personal growth, and I believe that it is essential for everyone to grow and develop in order to reach their full potential

I believe in the oneness of all things, and I believe that we are all connected.

I am excited to share all my passions and interests with my readers, and I hope that they will find the content on this blog interesting and informative.

I also welcome the chance to answer any questions readers may have.

I am no expert on investments however and I cannot offer financial advice, but I hope that the posts here will inspire and motivate you. https://wokenthoughts.com/