Welcome to my blog, this is where I will be building my online business and logging my journey along the way. 

I have spent 15 years poking around in digital marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM opportunities, and internet marketing. What I have learned from all this time is consistency is key, no matter what you are doing, if you remain consistent, results always seem to show up.

This is my target and my innovative approach to my business and internet marketing adventure today we have 7-year-old millionaires marketing on YouTube, if they can become a success of themselves and live a prosperous life, why had I never seen it as a reality to myself? It seems so easy.

Internet Millionaire?

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It was all the videos of Helicopters and mansions that were flooding the internet back in the 2000s with promises of push-button solutions making millions and awkward spammy PayPal chain emails where everyone would pay in a dollar, I didn’t get involved with that, but this kind of behavior really set the image and stereotype for the affiliate marketing and online business industry.

Although they were making millions selling the products and the training, it didn’t take long to realize after purchase the only authentic way to make any money was to get others to sell the products and then get them to find others who want to sell the products. There was no genuine business apart from reselling that specific business an opportunity as a product. It worked but I felt it insulting and never expected it to last exceptionally long.

Reality Check

So as time went on there were several different online marketers that appealed to me that had something solid, they would always come across genuine in their videos and their products and training clearly worked and was useable in all different businesses.

The first genuine online business training I took on which made me any money online was from Russell Brunson and his DotComSecretsX training program. It’s not available anymore unfortunately as he’s moved onto ClickFunnels, but it was gold dust I still use today and find others training with the same material in their products today, they call it evergreen material. In fact, you can still get a current version of his training in a book for free plus shipping, you can learn what it’s all about here: DotComSecrets

I made $173 in ClickBank sales by sending my offer to free solo ad lists. If I followed the training and paid for traffic, I would be living a lifestyle of my choosing by now. The offer was something called GoogleSniper by George Brown or somebody, I do not remember now, and I haven’t seen him around for a while.

I used Google Sniper to get my local business website on the front page of Google for all my local keyword search terms. So, I knew this online marketing works, I knew there was money to be made and I knew I could do it! But with no investment to advertise or means of getting traffic.

As time went on and I entered different programs there was something else I realized was missing over the years which was holding me back, besides just lacking consistency with things, I had no passion for what I was doing.

What I am trying to say here is chasing the money is never going to get you the money unless that’s your passion. My only interest was to generate money and see it going into my bank, so I lacked enthusiasm for getting the tasks done and selling the products. So, without a passion for what you are doing, you will not be able to remain consistent.

Following Genuine Internet Marketers

With that said, I moved onto other things and stumbled across a product called Buzzinar! by a gentleman named Omar Martin, I believe I had seen some products before he had created but this whole time, all the online marketers and affiliate marketers were from the USA, so in the back of my head the dream always seemed far away.

After following Omar for a while being on his list, I ended up stumbling upon John Thornhill and his products, what was awesome about John was that he was clearly from the UK! and clearly living the online marketer’s lifestyle, no massive mansion, no helicopter but a sound registered business with an office address he would rant in his car every morning on the way too. (Special Videos)

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I thought this was amazing, then after more learning about John I found out Omar was trained by John, so this guy in the US that had an amazing lifestyle from internet marketing was trained by the guy in the UK going to Sunderland football matches a few hundred miles away from my home address.

So, it’s true, internet marketing is a thing, it’s not just about reselling business opportunities that are reselling business opportunities, there are people out there creating legitimate digital products and learning how to market them online and creating a lucrative income, where they do not have to be an employee and trade their time for money.

All I’ve ever wanted was happening to someone across the world and that was because they were trained by someone, I am close enough to touch, a few miles northwest. It was an easy decision, I needed to join Johns Partnership to success program, and I needed it now!

Moving On

So that was a long time ago, I struggled to be able to afford the coaching program and I never really picked internet marketing or my online business ideas back up. I focused on my IT career and progressed that as much as I could.

If only I had of took it all seriously, believed it was a possibility, focused on my own passions with it, and remained consistent, I would already be a successful online marketer running multiple businesses and living a lifestyle of my choosing.

There was nothing that didn’t work except for me.

Then I stumbled upon this book, Why You Will Never Succeed Online, the title hit home, straight away, John knows where I am at, clearly.

So, I read it, now, I have taken it all on and I am creating my business, going through the training and I should have my own digital product created, launched, and the ability to promote it via my own channels of traffic.

You can get the report for free by Downloading on the right or clicking Download or go straight to the webinar where I learned to start my first online business.

If you are interested in what I am doing, there is a webinar you can join here: https://ljaweb.com/jtblogwebinar

I highly recommend taking a leap of faith, joining the webinar, and see if it is for you or not. Anyone looking to run any business should be looking to do it online with today’s environment, online is the new outdoors when it comes to marketing and selling your products, it’s the busy motorway junctions and the packed-out high streets, it’s where I want to be building my business and promoting my products.

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