Enough Hurt

I’ve had enough of empty draws and cupboards, all these chores cleaning ovens,

I feel chuffed I made me meat balls and onions, delicious spaghetti straws, made from vicious sweaty paws,

Saw gums from yum yum’s have rot my jaws gums, left my root canal in crumbs,

I’ve had enough tear rinsing, it’s hard work and hasn’t been fun!

it’s been tough experiencing so much heart jerk, despite some,

I’ve been here convincing myself I have children, but live alone, home to none,

second thought and leave the knife in the kitchen, do not risk losing your life so young,

better ignore the strife as your digging a ditch into skin, sliced wrist, on ice, done,

what’s it all for, think twice before I smashed my phone against the floor,

I have been crucified like Christ, so trapped and empty, I learned to think twice,

in fact, women tempt me, but taste a lot like laced rice,

perhaps there’s plenty, more sides to this dice, rats in the many all disguised as mice,

Even though my scars have healed, in the evening show, the stars are revealed,

I still see and feel, the aftermath when I have no answer to that, daddy why can’t you come back,

fancy that, it’s a fucked-up fact, but I’ve had to retract from opening my trap,

dad’s not up to scratch, and our kids are family, were from the same patch, and madly,

they always want to interact, this should not be a fact, they should not be missing you,

defiantly not reminiscing with you, it’s all fucked up, but brother listen, it’s true,

I was disgraced, I had to learn the hard way, left confused and displaced,

looking down at how I’d fallen, my daughter could hardly forgive you, she was hurt too,

appalling behaviour, I’ve had enough of being a slave to a, rough circumstance, had me calling for a saviour,

for anyone to brave the chance, with my mental torment, when I really needed to fucking vent,

there was no saint, that would withstand my lyrical dance, while I repent for my sins,

I’m feeling pain from my shins, as I’m kneeled bent over, I pray, please, I need some kind of break,

I’ve had enough of trying to meditate, trans-send my conscious state,

I do not bluff, no mistake, it’s fake, in the end its nonsense and fate,

with a snake ready to take from your emotions and dictate, I’ve had enough it’s too late,

shit Lewis recuperate, I do not bluff, before you brake, tough and hit hard,

I’ve had enough of my shit yard, the roofs broken slate,

no thick-guard or draft-proof, just tape, I’ve had enough I’m loose, what a state,

I do not bluff to reiterate, I’ve filled my fate to date, I’ve had enough seal the pearly gate,

impale me on the stake, while I make love with Satan, I’ve had enough of always waiting,

in my hallway anticipating, top of my stairway debating, I’m confused enough shaking,

with a noosed tie, around my neck, I’m contemplating, am I ready for my taking,

I’m barely creating, the next making of myself, I scare myself, I leap,

I had enough I killed myself, mentally drilled in half I weep,

It’s been tough, eventually filled the bath to sleep, its daft, no one would laugh its deep,

So, then I awake up-beat and start writing a song, for the first time,

I say frightening things that rhyme, it’s wrong, I’ve had enough of always casting, out a fake mask an,

I need to reel my ass in, I’m last in, fasting, I’ve had enough of too,

As I sin enough that might not be true, I’ve had enough I’m missing you,

my friend, what happened wasn’t the best, I can’t stress enough,

this needs to get through, in the end, you seem happy no less, I miss you,

I’ll never forget our long evenings, summer due, talking in the fields of Long-levens,

just me and you, there was no such crew, when harsh winters touch blew cool against our face,

we’d have a bus shelter, on the way to school, our little place, to get warm,

spent time after hours, giggling, drawn, to each other’s attention,

sublime master powers, beginning to born new lovers’ affection,

but we both faced each other with rejection, neglecting each other’s attention,

I miss you Sue, reminiscing from ninety-two to the 2002, I’ll be waiting for you, love Lew.

I’ve had enough of how my brain, drives me to blame, judge and label, analysing things closely,

It’s been tough how my shame, tries to frame, nudge and disable, anyone close to me,

I’ve had enough of how things are supposed to be, and mostly, I’ve had enough of feeling I’m in Cain and Abel,

On the off chance I pinch my skin tough, believing that I must be dreaming, I lay my cards on the table,

It’s rough that the ones closest to me, have hurt me the most, and  the ones who hurt me the most I’ve never proposed a threat, and still remain  the ones who are close, but that’s me I suppose, someone you will never forget.