Affiliate marketing for bloggers

Affiliate Marketing ideas For Bloggers

Affiliate marketing for bloggers is the best basis to start affiliate marketing. Bloggers are in an amazingly unique position to be talking about a specific niche and potentially already be pulling traffic from web sources and social media.

Even if you are only just starting a blog or looking into starting a blog affiliate marketing will be the most lucrative income before producing and promoting your own digital products. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is by far the best way to create a revenue stream from their blog.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Thousands of blogs are making a comfortable income stream monthly by finding affiliate marketing programs that suit the niche of their blog and promoting it to their audience. I have provided four of the most lucrative ways to start earning from affiliate marketing on your blog. 

4 Genius Ideas for success

  1. Provide valuable content, do not promote products – You obviously want to generate an income, and to do that you need to make sales on your blog via affiliate marketing, however, if all you do is promote products, you will not build your audience.

    When you are writing your blog, post make sure their sole purpose is to provide valuable content. Then once you have a great blog post, then find the most suitable product to promote in an extra paragraph at the end of your post or tie in a few sentences throughout the post where you can mention the affiliate offer, but only after you initially created the valuable post.
  1. Promote products that people will buy – As well as having valuable content you also need to provide valuable products that your audience will find useful and want to pay for. Focus on products that are selling by researching Amazon and other online retailers. Have a look in the comments on related products and find out user frustrations.

    Then if you have used a product that has overcome those challenges, write about the problems, detailing similar phrases used in the comments and reviews, and then describe the product you are promoting and how it’s helped.

    This will help ensure you are prompting products people are hungry for and answering problems other products haven’t been able to. Value and great content along with your offer. Everyone should win in this scenario. 
  1. Provide Useful Bonuses and resources – When visitors visit your blog and see something along the line of bonuses or recourses, they immediately see the value and investigate the sources you provide them.

    So, creating a resource and bonus page with different offers will ensure you get people visiting the landing pages and viewing the offers you provide. With a bonus page, I would offer free trials which have value even if not taken up after the trial period. That way all the links you are providing are free to sign up and your visitors can get the “BONUS” of using the product or service before paying.

    Then the resources page providing tools and services you have personally used and are still using for everything you do and talk about. Some people even add extras in the footer for example Text saying “Do you like my blog? Click here to get your own exactly like this one.” Then provide an affiliate link to the Hosting, blogging platform, plugins, or themes you are using to build your blog. 
internet Marketing For Bloggers
  1. Create a passive income for years to come – The last tip is to create a passive income that will continue to come in year after year. The easiest path to getting this done is to create evergreen content. Meaning creating content that does not change with the times.

    A splendid example is human behavior and self-help categories. This content has been the same since before man started recording time so if you were to write about self-help and self-empowerment that wasn’t tied to any specific fad, you would create a passive income.

    But only if the products or services you are promoting are also evergreen. So how to crush your Goals in 2021 eBook will not sell much in 2030. Making sure the content and products you are promoting last the time is a sure way of securing a passive income for years to come. 

With these four genius ideas, bloggers doing affiliate marketing will hopefully be able to maximize their income while remaining ethical and honest to their audience. If you are like me, asking people for money is against your nature, but when you realize the value you must give, it’s easier to promote products to people, like telling a friend about anything you have enjoyed in life.

Marketing is the same. The genius ideas detailed here should help you make money with affiliate marketing and provide good products and services which extend the value to your audience as well.  

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Bonus Idea

As you have gotten this far and stayed with me, I am going to give you a fifth genius idea to implement along with the first 4 I provided above.  

Affiliate Marketing For Blogs
  1. Build an email list – When you are promoting the products and talking to your audience via your blog. You want to try and give your visitors a reason to join your email list and receive updated emails about your blog.

    You can integrate this with the first four ideas by putting up a mini signup form that gives something away for free, before taking them to the offer you are promoting. That way you get to stay connected with your audience and they invest in you by giving you their email address so you can start to build a closer relationship with your audience.

    With your email list, you can set up an automated email to provide some sort of value to your subscribers, but you can also use this channel for affiliate marketing by promoting products the same way in emails as we mentioned above on the blogs. 
email Marketing For Bloggers

Hard and consistent work will reward you massively as time goes on, thanks for reading and being a visitor to my blog. Please join me on my path to success by signing up for my Success with Lewis Newsletter. 


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