How to get an Amazon affiliate link with the Amazon affiliate program

Watch the video

Watch the video on how to create an Amazon Affiliate account if you don’t already have one.

Step 1 – Create Your Amazon Associates Account

amazon affiliate program

To be able to get an Amazon affiliate link you first need to sign up to the Amazon associates’ program which you can do from here: Associates Central – Home

  1. Once you reach the page select signup and then a new account to set up your Amazon associate’s account. Go through the setup process until you are logged in.
  2. Once logged in select >>> Product Linking >>> Products Links from the menu until you see a search screen like in the image below.

Step 2 – Product Links

amazon affil

Step 3 – Product Search

3. Now you are here, you want to search for the product you need to know how to get an Amazon affiliate link for. Whatever that is, type it in the search and press go.

amazon affiliate link

Step 4 – Getting Your Link

4. As you can see in the image, a list of promotable products is available and there is a yellow button displaying “Get link” to the right of each product. If you select the down arrow your amazon affiliate link will be displayed.

Obviously, this is quite an ugly link so you can use a URL shortener like this and make it much prettier.

If you select this link it will take you to the same place at the long amazon affiliate link but looks much better when sharing it.

amazon affiliate program

Step 5 – Building Your Link

5. Building your link. An extra step is in place which takes you to the screen to edit your link and display the product image with a banner​ Press Build link after selecting “Get Link” in the previous step to move onto step 5.

amazon affiliate link

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

6. You can also continue onto this screen below and create a banner to place on your website:

amazon affil

Step 7 – Getting The Code

7. As you can see, I have changed the link color to Red as it suites my website. I have also selected the Text and image banner option. Once I am happy, I can scroll down and get my banner code:

amazon affiliate

Step 8 – Using The Code

8. Now all you need to do is copy this code and place it on your website wherever you want it to go:

So, it displays nicely after pasting the code into the website and the link is easy enough to get after signing up for the Amazon Associates Program.

amazon affiliate

That was easy enough, if you need any help with How to get an amazon affiliate link then please do not hesitate to contact me by signing up to my email.

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