You might not be aware but recently I have started a coaching program for helping myself to create and build my own online business which will coach me on how to start a successful blog in 2021. Not only that but eventually launching my own digital products. So, first things first, there is no better way to learn if it is worth starting a blog in 2021 than joining up to this webinar and learning directly from the people already doing it. Be smart, not like Blockbuster, be like Amazon and get online!

Even though I started the coaching about two days ago, I have managed to keep up with each day so far and made it to day four! When I say, “I made it”, that sounds like it was a challenge, I suppose it would be without the coaching and training videos, but it was a Breeze!


So, I am tasked to write a detailed blog post, so then I decided to detail what I have learned so far and the steps to take, to start getting your blog running form nothing, just from watching a video or two in the members area. I have already learned how to start a successful blog. I will also share how the check lists I am using, help me to create my own posts.

Writing, Blogging and how to start a successful blog

how to start a successful blog

Since blogs began, any blog online today we stumble upon, their sole purpose is to feed fresh categorized content to the internet about anything the publisher desires.

We will find no real difference between a blog and any other website. They are one in the same thing with a blog falling under a website category, so the same as this website you are on, but with slightly contrasting functions as default.

I believe, before WordPress there was Feeds where you could subscribe to multiple websites, which may have just been how blogs were originally born.

It gave a website the ability to request its visitors subscribe and for the website to broadcast to its visitors, then send updates in a computer readable format, but it was not something the average day to day person could just log into and learn how to start a successful blog.

There was nothing massively used for publishing personal content like a blog can be used.

What Is a WordPress Blog?

Now we have Content Management Systems or CMS’s for the jargon help, which gives you a way to manage all the websites content, upload images, write the pages and change things around just like you would on anything else you are already used to doing online.

It’s like using Microsoft Word or another program where you can copy, paste, drag & drop, insert images, videos and attach files, while you do that, it shows a nice-looking website on the other end. It’s so easy once shown how, anyone can do it! Easy as riding a bike, I think is the expression!

In fact, it’s harder to open a bank account than it is to build a blog or website today on a CRM like WordPress. As it’s an already built system for you to make building a website or blog just as easy as setting up your own Facebook account.

You can find out exactly how, as this guy in the webinar, will show you how he does it, and how he helps others create six figures on the worlds most trusted affiliate platform.

Click the link here:

Read the page and say yes you want to join the webinar.

Go to the webinar, then if you like it join us! If not, carry on and hope you come back another day 🙂

Thanks for reading and check back again soon for more articles.


I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur long-term tech nerd creating my own websites and blogs. I am blogging about Business, Creativity & Personal Growth I have been involved in online opportunities for the best part of my adulthood, now I have the skills and experience to implement what I have learned. I have been a trained IT Technician for 25 years. I have also been learning spiritual teachings since 2008. I hope you enjoy my writing and blog.

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