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The Road to Free Online Traffic – Part 3 | Website Visitors

Top Free Web Traffic Tips

How Accurate Keywords Can Help You Increase Free Site Traffic

We are all looking for ways to generate free traffic for our websites, but some of the most ethical and simple ways to increase website visitors are frequently overlooked. One of them is the use of precise keywords.

What does this imply? That is, the keywords you select should accurately reflect the content you have. Keywords are used to help surfers find the content they are looking for. Choosing popular keywords that have nothing to do with your content is a common blunder – do not make it! Instead, use the most popular relevant keyword in your title. Your article’s title should be highly specific and detailed. Then, throughout the text, repeat your keyword naturally. You should never keyword stuff because Google will penalize you if you do.

If you have a keyword that has a slightly ambiguous meaning, take the time to explain what you are talking about and what the meaning is. Consider using variations of your keyword or keywords throughout your article, as well as varying the order of your keyword phrase.

Keywords are extremely effective. They help you rank higher in search engines, which means that when someone searches for your keyword(s), they are more likely to find you because you appear earlier in the search results. This means more free website visitors.

So, was not that simple? Simply taking the time to select the best and most accurate keywords can result in a significant increase in your free traffic flow. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but you will reap enormous benefits from your efforts. What better time than now to increase your traffic?

Increase Your Free Traffic by Using social media

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Social media is frequently overlooked as a means of increasing free traffic. However, it is significant and can ensure that you have a strong presence and that your website visitors are a large visit bracket.

Posting engaging material will quickly get you a loyal following, and that following will in turn spread the word to their own networks, resulting in a steady growth in your site’s organic traffic without spending any money. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

#1 Make a Facebook page for your website visitors to promote it.
This is an excellent way to share informative posts and direct visitors to your website for more related content. Post on a regular basis, and always make sure your posts are valuable and not just advertisements for your site.

#2 Twitter is an excellent way to notify followers when you have added content or articles to your website. It is also an excellent technique to get new followers, who will visit your website if you have something of interest/value to provide. Make sure your Twitter feed is linked to your website and your Facebook feed is linked to your Twitter account.

#3 Tumblr is a social networking site that is frequently overlooked, even though it is an excellent tool for driving free website visitors to you. It is a blogging service that allows you to easily link to your site’s content. It is also different in format from most blogging sites in that content sharing is simple and provides a terrific way to grow your followers.

#4 Pinterest is a social networking site that focuses on images. Once a place to exchange recipes and crafts, it has now grown into one of the internet’s most popular social networking sites and a platform for people to connect with one other.

#5 Google+ is no longer a social networking site but you can easily put your business on there still. It has the potential to reach an exceptionally large audience, allowing for rapid and free traffic growth to your site but is better for online sites to be found online so perfect if you have a shop front.

Increase Your Free Website Visitors by Targeting a Specific Market

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If you want to increase your website visitors and do it for free, consider addressing a niche market. You will be pleased with the results!

The best websites cater to a specific niche or audience. They advance to the level of expert in their field. You want your website to be the first place they look for expertise in your field. You want to establish your website as the go-to resource for your niche.

Alternatively, you might look at the market to determine whether there is a strong niche that is underserved. You can then take this niche and turn it into a field in which you are an expert.

Niche markets are one of the most underutilized tools for generating free traffic. There are millions upon millions of websites, but there are still many niche markets that have limited or no coverage.

Many people who decide to start an online business look for the most popular search terms and build a site around them. The problem is that everyone else is doing the same thing, so that is where the competition is fiercest.

Choosing a niche with less competition means you will have a higher flow of traffic to your site than if the competition was fierce. That is one way you will benefit from increased website visitors. There is also the benefit of you being seen as a subject matter authority by those who are searching for your website’s specialty and sharing it with their friends.

So, why are you holding out? What will your niche be to increase traffic to your site?

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