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The Road to Free Online Traffic – Part 5 | Free Site Traffic

Top Free Web Traffic Tips

Proper Tags and Descriptions Can Help You Increase Traffic

You want your traffic to increase, and you want it to do so for free. So, what should you do? Great news: simply ensuring that your tags and descriptions are correct can increase your traffic flow.

Your article’s or content’s tags, metadata, and description will influence how well it appears in Google and other search engines. It will help you rank higher and appear more prominently in search engines. The more people who find your site through search engines, the more traffic you will get.

If you want a fully functional and successful site, you must ensure that your tags are in place and that there are no broken links. You must also submit your sitemap to Google for your website to appear in the Google search engine.

Make effective use of your keyword(s) or keyword phrases. This is part of your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, and it will help people find your site when they do a search in Google or another search engine. Make sure your keywords flow naturally with the rest of the text. When looking for good keywords, consider what words will naturally come to mind for visitors of all ages and include them.

Your main keyword should appear in the title, description, meta tags, and content. Avoid keyword spam because Google and other search engines will penalize you for it. You should not include your keyword in your graphic because search engines will not recognize it, but you can include it in the alt text associated with your image.

Proper tags and descriptions are an effortless way to boost traffic to your website.

Create Shareable Content to Increase Your Traffic

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So, if you want to increase traffic to your website for free… how do you go about doing that? Among the many options, we will look at increasing traffic by creating content that people want to share.

Your content should be easily shared so that your visitors can assist you in spreading the word. This is accomplished by combining a strong headline with an intriguing image, as well as a strong, captivating lead-in.

This combination allows you to create the ideal small piece of information about your article to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media networks.

Lists are extremely popular for sharing across multiple social networks. Sites like Mashable excel at using list headlines such as “20 Ways to or 10 Signs of,” which draw the reader’s attention and compensate for short attention spans. This site and others like it can teach you how to create effective headings.

If you want people to share your content with others, it needs to be interesting. So, if you slap something together, expect your visitors to put in as much effort as you did. It will not succeed! Those that visit your site and find your content intriguing will be eager to spread the word, which will lead to other visitors who will do the same, and so on. Suddenly, you have a significant increase in traffic to your site, and best of all, it is free. That is how you get more traffic without spending any money.

Increase your traffic by using good web design.

site traffic

We get so caught up in obtaining free traffic that we forget about some of the easiest and most cost-free ways to get more people to your website. Your website design is one of those critical elements. A well-designed website will boost your traffic. Let us look at some of the most important aspects of your website.

#1 – Keep your page balanced – A thorough website is well-balanced. The top left of your page is the first thing a visitor sees when they arrive at your page. They will hover there before scrolling up or down. Your page will be more aesthetically appealing and simpler for visitors to discover stuff if the flow is well-balanced.

#2 – Make your website easy to use — If your website is difficult to use, your visitors will go before you can say “gone.” Make sure that you choose a design and layout that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

#3 Keep your page as simple as possible. A clean site is far more visually appealing than a cluttered one. We enjoy utilizing all the fantastic tools that enable us to display very cool graphics on our site, show videos, interact with visitors, and so on. However, we tend to put too many active elements on the page, which makes it difficult for visitors to stay focused. In fact, it can be aggravating. It is not that you should not use these items, but that you should use them wisely.

#4 Design an easy-to-use navigation menu that makes it simple to find all the site’s content. Web visitors frequently look for a toolbar across the side or top, so stick with what they are used to, and do not forget to include a link back to your home page.

A good web design ensures that visitors remain on your site because they ‘like’ it and return frequently. It also means they are far more likely to refer others to your website. Do not overlook something as simple as a good web design to increase your free traffic.

Thanks for reading, please read the last part in this series below.


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