Affiliate Programs cookie duration

Affiliate Programs with the Longest Cookie Duration: Amazon, Clickbank, and JVZoo

The cookie duration for affiliate programs depends on what you are promoting. Some I have promoted in the past have 90+ days. It’s recommended to let your commissions accumulate for a month or so and then redeem them. It’s works well for people I have asked about it recently. Clickbank and JVZoo could be good options for you.

When signing up to Amazon Associates Program does amazon cookies last 1 day, 21 days, 30 days?

Sign-ups/Clicks/Purchases here is and explanation:

The Amazon cookie lasts forever, meaning if someone buys something from your site then (s)he will be able to purchase anything without referring you again.

Affiliate Programs cookie duration2

Amazon Associates cookies last 12 hours. So if someone clicks on your Amazon product link, but doesn’t buy, then that cookie expires in 12 hours and he will have to buy it again for the link to be valid. But if they buy the product within 12 hours, then the link is still valid for future purchases. So it’s 12 hours from a click being generated to it being valid.

For example, if someone clicks on my Amazon link at 9:00 pm EST, then he has to buy the product within the next 12 hours. If he buys the product at 12:01 pm EST, then the link is still valid. But if he buys it at 3:01 pm EST, then the link is no longer valid. Most affiliate programs have 30 days cookies, but you need to check that.

Amazon offers 24 hours cookies, but that’s only for physical products. For digital products, like Kindle, they have 24 hours cookies. Amazon has the best cookies, better than Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare, Shareasale, etc. But make sure you’re promoting the right products.

For example, if you are promoting a software, then you need at least 30 days cookies, or even 90 days, because if someone buys the software, then he will be able to install it on 3/5 computers, and if it does not work, then he will be able to return it.

So, if you are promoting a software, then you need at least 90 days cookies. But, if you’re promoting a physical product, then 24 hours cookies is ok.

Hopefully this helps, thanks for reading.


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