Is it difficult to start a blog?

Setting up a blog does have several steps to get started and without a checklist to follow and a step by step detailed instruction set I always found it difficult.

But was it difficult? It’s like putting together furniture or LEGO Technic, with the instructions, it’s just using your hands to put a few bricks or screws together, right?

No skills required if you have the coaching, the step by step, on which to start first, and last, what to worry about, what not to worry about etc, a direct route from where you are now, to where you want to be with your lifestyle.

Learning how to setup a blog alone is possible and with patients and some technical savvy skills you can be on your way in no time, but what then? You are a tech savvy genius but only one or two people ever manage to get to your blog and see it.

You see being technically skilled isn’t what makes blogs successful or every IT guys would be blogging and setting up online businesses, there are vital marketing steps and a specific process to follow to make any online business successful, especially a blog.

An image of children's building bricks to illustrate how easy it is to put two bricks together.

There are several different elements that would make you think starting a blog is difficult.  But as I said a above, with loads of LEGO bricks in one big jumble in front of you, holding the idea of turning it into a finished product, without knowing which brick to put on to the next!

But let’s not forget, it’s no harder and just as fun as LEGO when you are getting it all right! Also, one major factor after discussing LEGO, it’s a Childs to, so making a blog should be Childs play right?

Is it difficult to start a blog when you have daily step by step training? A daily checklist on which tasks to complete and in which order, advice on what to do and what not to do?

Even when temptation comes and ideas which look obvious to take up, are right there in front of you, you have the years of experience backing you up and encouraging you daily to turn away and stay focused?

No! in that case, starting a blog is as easy as picking up one LEGO brick, looking at a video which has the same brick, then putting that brick into another brick, the exact same way you can see in the coaching, then finally ending up with a blog of your own. It doesn’t stop there, we keep getting shown which bricks go where until we have our digital products launched and our online businesses established!

You can join the webinar to learn about the coaching here, click Join the Webinar below and read the details on the next page.

how to set up a blog using your Own Name

You learn how to install the WordPress blog, find a paid hosted solution, get your brand name for the blog, get some pages sorted, setup some structure and appearance then get posting and building the site! That’s within the first 4 days!

That’s as far as I have gotten so far but there is also other training that’s provided free to help with this coaching, so you can take the training as advanced as you like from incredibly early on, but it’s simple, step by step tasks on how to setup a blog, getting things done, laying the foundations to build upon.

Can you tell I am excited; I have learned how to setup a blog in a few days. I am looking forward to the product creation, I have so many ideas and the right people to tell advise me if they are worthwhile or not.

Once you get just a few days into the coaching programme we already get access to more gold dust material on how to properly build, structure and find resources for our websites.

how to set up a blog

What I like the most is the daily check sheets, it seems whenever I was working any of the businesses I started, I was doing absolutely everything alone, so when I would get stuck, I would spend two weeks on the same thing, around in circles until I gave up.

However, with a task list ordered by someone who does it every day, I am able to follow the tasks and check them off, knowing each day I am working towards building the online business, task by task.

All you need to make a success of yourself online is you! a computer, an internet connection and a coach like John and his programs. Join the webinar here to learn more about it:

I wanted to let you know how you can join a webinar starting today which I watched, to learn how I can create a successful blog. (Join the webinar) below and enter your email to sign up to the webinar.

Thanks for reading how to setup a blog and please continue to the next article.


I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur long-term tech nerd creating my own websites and blogs. I am blogging about Business, Creativity & Personal Growth I have been involved in online opportunities for the best part of my adulthood, now I have the skills and experience to implement what I have learned. I have been a trained IT Technician for 25 years. I have also been learning spiritual teachings since 2008. I hope you enjoy my writing and blog.

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